Shiny and Chromed “Older” Ford Mustang Seeks Digital Formula Drift Lime Glory


Hypothetical case: what if Vaughn Gittin Jr’s RTR Fun-Haver Ford Mustang S550 broke down and there was no replacement? Perhaps this shiny and chromed, lime green-infused “older” ‘Stang would come to the rescue.

It’s entirely wishful thinking, though, at this point. Still, that hasn’t stopped Musa Rio Tjahjono, the virtual artist behind the musartwork account on social media, from imagining the perfect replacement vehicle. Of course, the result is entirely tributary to his passions.

So, just a quick look at the latest exploits of the “professional FunHaver, creator of RTR Vehicles, Formula Drift, and Ultra4 champion” will reveal his RTR S550 Ford Mustang is alive and well. Actually, we embedded below a recent video to show it having some drifting fun along with friends. That means there are slim chances Gittin would switch vehicles.

But just in case that happens – perhaps in an alternate universe of an imagination land – this pixel master has the seemingly perfect rig for the Formula D action. It’s all shiny and chromed, just as Musa seems to like some of his vehicles that make up the artist’s all-time virtual dream garage.

It also comes with no commercial strings attached, so there are no company names on the livery – save for the CGI expert’s branding, of course. And, interestingly enough, although we are dealing with the original Ford Mustang, the virtual artist doesn’t miss the opportunity to infuse the design with a little JDM inspiration. After all, it’s a drift machine…

Unfortunately, there’s one important aspect that doesn’t get mentioned. We have no idea what powers this chromed, slammed, drift-ready Blue Oval. A classic Cobra Jet would be a sensible choice, complete with a few modern upgrades. But, just to go out on a limb, what if the JDM inspiration continues under the hood as well… and a virtual Toyota 2JZ GTE mill can be found inside the engine bay?!