Shown the concept of a car that will purify the air while driving


Chinese carmaker IM Motors, with the help of Thomas Heatherwick, who designs buildings, has created a concept car that will, among other things, purify the air while driving.

We’re no stranger to wacky concepts, but while most of them are aimed at showcasing design skills, very few of them have any basis in reality, and even fewer still live up to production. But the last thing we ran into, courtesy of CNBC, is especially odd. Not only does it look completely mental, it wasn’t even designed by someone in the automotive sector.

In addition, it aims to become a kind of relocation, a place where people can “work, program, play, eat, talk and watch videos, just like they can sit in a business class seat on an airplane.”

If that’s not enough, he wants to purify the air while driving.

This last aspect is the one we’re most interested in, and comes from the concept that while electric vehicles like the Tesla Model Y may not emit greenhouse gases directly, brake pads and tires still pollute the environment. Thus, there are no truly zero-emission vehicles. The idea behind this new concept is that the HEPA filter will actively purify the air passing through the vehicle’s chassis. A similar idea was suggested by students who have invented a way to prevent tire contamination, but this car wants to clean everything nearby and can adjust the filtration level based on the level of contamination nearby using GPS.

The concept was developed by the Chinese automaker IM Motors, which hired Thomas Heatherwick to develop the car. He designs buildings, not cars, but that’s why IM Motors wanted someone like him. IM wants to make a million of these autonomous electric vehicles with open interior spaces and electrochromic glass for safety, but there are many obstacles.