Silverado EV Goes Back to ICE, Shrinks to Help Chevy Montana RS Fight Maverick


While Chevy naturally seeks to morph its 2024 Silverado EV into a veritable Trail Boss, others have different plans. A virtual artist, for example, wants it shrunk back to ICE duties. Obviously, GM’s introduction of the 2024 Silverado EV truck, Equinox EV, and confirmation of the arrival of a Blazer EV is currently the biggest talk in America’s zero-emission town. Just as logically, the news has traveled far and wide, also reaching the imaginary realm. Once there, it started mesmerizing automotive pixel masters to the point of getting them tipsy. Some decided it was best to make the potentially boxy design of the upcoming 2024 Blazer EV look cool again. And thoroughly based on the Silverado EV styling. Others, such as Kleber Silva, a Barueri, Brazil-based virtual artist better known as KDesign AG on Behance, probably thought it was best to go down a different 2024 Silverado EV route. After a couple of failed imaginary attempts at Chevy greatness – if our own two cents are permitted – he is back on solid ICE ground. The CGI expert reverted to delivering yet another potential Chevy Montana interpretation. The upcoming third generation is mutating from a subcompact ute to a compact unibody pickup truck. Well, that puts it on a hypothetical, direct collision course with Ford’s top selling Maverick and Hyundai’s Santa Cruz. Although, right now, we have no idea if that beyond Latin America expansion means it will also travel north, to the U.S. Anyway, instead of stealing Maverick DNA and splicing it with Blazer and Silverado styling genes, this new RS interpretation of the upcoming Chevy Montana directly piggybacks on the 2024 Silverado EV design. That means we are dealing with a shrunken electric full-size truck. One that was also reverted to compact unibody ICE duties… An interesting idea, right? Well, it’s anyone’s guess if that will be the case. Frankly, we bet that GM will seek to allow a bigger styling differentiation between its ICE and EV models, so this idea probably will remain merely wishful thinking.