Skoda Octavia’s Electric Replacement Could Be a More Affordable Project Trinity


When Volkswagen said it would conceive an electric car to be as efficient as possible, it later named it Project Trinity. It would be a flat electric car, meaning it would focus on low aerodynamic drag. It is Volkswagen’s version of Audi’s Artemis project, meaning it is a more affordable version of it. What if it can be even less expensive? This is what Bernhard Reichel helped us visualize with a Skoda version of this EV.

The rendering artist was aiming at the electric replacement for the Skoda Octavia. In an interview with the Austrian newspaper Salzburger Nachrichten, Skoda’s CEO said that the company would have three new EVs that would sit below the Enyaq iV. One of them would be a sedan to replace the Octavia.

Thomas Schäfer said that Skoda would not simply electrify its current vehicles. All of them will be new cars, which may or may not be named as the cars they intend to replace. Considering how groundbreaking the Artemis/Trinity promises to be, it would be highly unlikely that Skoda’s version would use a known name, as successful as it may be.

Reichel conceived the new sedan in two colors for our readers to better appreciate what it may look like. The green one reminds us of previous Skoda concepts, such as the Vision C Concept and the Vision X Concept. Despite that, the location of the rear-view cameras is quite unusual.

Apart from being incredibly low, just like the Artemis and Trinity are supposed to be, the electric Skoda sedan will measure between 4.50 meters (177 inches) and 4.70 m (185 in). The Volkwagen version is expected to cost around €35,000. If Skoda really produces its own vehicle over the SSP (Scalable Systems Platform) – which is almost inevitable – it will cost less than that, even if just a little.

If the Octavia replacement is based on the SSP, fans of the combustion-engined sedan should not worry about it for a while. Volkswagen will only release the Trinity in 2026, which means that the hypothetical Skoda version should not arrive before that. That’s five years from now. In automobile’s lifespan terms, that’s almost an entire cycle.