Skoda Unveils Innovative Artificial Intelligence Lab for Car Manufacturing Research


As vehicles continue to evolve in terms of technology and sustainability, so must the car manufacturing processes. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are starting to be used on a wider scale in car manufacturing. One of the latest brands to announce this type of development is Skoda, who unveiled a one-of-a-kind project in the Czech automotive industry.

Skoda launched the AIM.Lab (Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing Laboratory), in collaboration with the Technical University of Ostrava VSB-TUO. Located on the university’s campus, this innovative laboratory will contribute to developing car manufacturing processes. The main domains covered by the new lab include Artificial Intelligence applications, machine learning and data analysis.

On one hand, AIM.Lab will play an important part for the future of car manufacturing, through various research projects. On the other hand, it will benefit the students, who will the opportunity to gain hands-on experience. The university intends to develop a new doctoral program dedicated to data analytics, starting next year, in addition to courses related to this subject that are part of current bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.

The new laboratory is a culmination of the Czech brand’s collaboration with the Technical University, over the years. One of their most interesting joint projects, initiated in 2019, focuses on assistance systems.

As part of a Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence project initiated by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, Skoda and the Technical University are working on a system called “Follow the vehicle”. An autonomous vehicle driving behind a regular vehicle, at a distance of up to 10 meters (32 feet), would follow the directions transmitted by the driver in the first car – basically, one driver would control both vehicles. Data such as route, speed, acceleration, deceleration would be transmitted wirelessly to the autonomous vehicle.

The wider objective of this new AI laboratory is to strengthen the Czech Republic’s status as an automotive hub. As part of this strategy, Skoda also announced that it will start making MEB battery systems locally, in Mlada Boleslav.