Sleeping 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Sports Some Very Questionable Changes, Still Tres Belle


While not even an unfortunate repaint makes a ’67 Corvette ugly, the color you see on the car is actually the Grabber Blue that we most often find on a Ford Mustang.

The Chevy, however, left the factory painted in Marlboro Maroon (code 988), and the only finish that got close to the one currently on the car and available for the model year 1967 was Marina Blue (color code 976), though the two are substantially different and even an untrained eye can easily distinguish them.

Leaving the finish aside, the Corvette comes with bad news as far as the engine goes as well. The car is now powered by a non-matching numbers unit, as the original engine is long gone. So what you’ll find under the hood is now a 327 (5.3-liter) V8 coming from a 1964 Corvette, according to eBay seller bensonsexh.

This isn’t the point where the ugly part (as the owner themselves calls it) comes to an end on this Vette. The car also sports a questionable choice of wheels too, so unless you’re into this design, you may want to change them should you commit to a purchase.

Other than that, the car has been sitting for several years, so it comes with some occasional rust here and there, but there’s nothing a full restoration wouldn’t be able to deal with.

Despite all these changes, this Corvette still seems to be a solid candidate for a restomod, especially given the amount of rust is very limited. Respraying the original Marlboro Maroon, however, is a must, no matter what type of project you choose for the car.

Plenty of people seem to like what they’re seeing, as the auction has already received 26 bids, with the top offer at the time of writing exceeding $23,000. The reserve, however, is yet to be met.