Smart AI SpiderPi Hexabot Comes With Facial and Color Recognition


On his complete name Lobot SpiderPi AI Intelligent Visual Hexapod Robot Raspberry Pi 4B4G, this legged machine features a Raspberry Pi 4B microcomputer and was programmed using the Python language. Its code is open source so it is up for grabs by all of you dev gurus out there.

The bot has three “eyes” featuring 2DOF HD cameras that it uses for smart tasks such as facial, tag, and color recognition, intelligent transport, and color tracking, with the 120-degrees wide-angle camera helping it do a great job in mastering these activities. It offers real-time video transmission.

You can also use the SpiderPi for more challenging actions such as making it move and perform dynamic turning, which are all possible thanks to its kinematic algorithms. The robot can determine an object’s distance and then it moves towards that specific direction.

Color-wise, the hexapod can recognize red, white, and black lines through OpenCV, helping it calculate the position and adjust its route. It also features an RGB ultrasonic sensor that it can use to avoid obstacles.

With an 11.1 V 2500mAh lithium battery, the SpiderPi offers long working times.

As far as its control system goes, the bot can be operated via mobile app or through PC software. The mobile app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

While the SpiderPi might be a feature-rich machine, those features come at a steep price of $596. You do get a lot of goodies included in the package, but that still doesn’t justify the cost. In this amount, you get the SpiderPi, an 11.1V battery charger, a screwdriver, a 16GB memory, card reader, tag card, color ball, and a screw bag.