Sonderwunsch 1987 Porsche 930 Turbo Is a 1-of-1 Gem, Packs Rare Equipment


Sonderwunsch is the German term for special wish, or special request. It is a term made famous starting back in the 1970s by Porsche, who used it to define one of the craziest individualization programs born in that age.

Wanting to stand out in a rather sizeable pack of great European carmakers, Porsche introduced Sonderwunsch as a way to give customers the means to have their German car made unique, and to their specifications.

The program is still around, and got a big nudge forward at the hands of Porsche in May this year, when the carmaker announced a reinterpretation of the offering, “making it possible to design individualized one-off cars in future – co-created by the customer and realized professionally by Porsche.”

Until we get around to seeing a new Sonderwunsch come to be, here’s one we dug up on the lot of cars that will go under the Mecum hammer at the end of the month in Orlando. It’s a slantnose 1987 930 Turbo that carries all the bells and whistles of the person who had it made.

First, the car is powered by a 3.3-liter engine rocking a factory power kit and running through a 4-speed transmission. There are 46,000 miles (74,000 km) of use shown by the car’s odometer. It, like most other instruments, sits inside a rare wood dashboard that extends downwards, between the seats, as a center console that holds additional gauges, including a LED boost one.

Beneath the dashboard, the one who had this car made requested two more glove boxes to be fitted. The entire interior, including the non-wood portions of the dash, was wrapped in Champagne leather, while the exterior comes wrapped in Guards Red.

As said, this 1-of-1 Porsche 930 is going under the hammer, but no estimate on how much it is expected to fetch has been made. We’ll come back on this when we learn how much it went for.