Soviet-Era Volga Gaz 24-10 Shows Up In California, Is As Ridiculously Mediocre As You’d Imagine


It’s very difficult to get the opportunity of a full tour of a Soviet-era vehicle in the Western world, so consider this 1988 Volga Gaz 24-10 video a rare one.

Doug DeMuro not only found one of these beasts in Los Angeles, but his find was a very nicely preserved 1988 Volga Gaz 24-10. These cars were made between 1970 and 1992, with a few updates sprinkled during the production run.

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The Volga Gaz 24 made a name for itself in Soviet Russia for its durability and this 24-10 model is one of the later examples that benefited from a ‘significant’ update.

Power comes from a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine fed by carburetors producing around 100 HP, which was OK for the era and the USSR’s standards. The interior is laughably devoid of any features – just take a look at the HVAC controls – and we guess the fit and finish is immediately linked to how much vodka the comrades had that day at the factory.

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