Spotted 2022 Ford Maverick and F-150 Show Crimson Paint and Size Differences


While the F-150 is by no means the largest pickup truck offered by the Blue Oval, it’s the one that will be most compared to the all-new 2022 Ford Maverick. Yes, the Ranger is also in between, but it seems that many fans don’t like its globally appealing design as much as the American-tough looks of the Maverick and F-150.

As such, it’s no wonder everyone has been trying to compare the size differences between the Maverick and F-150. Even the Detroit automaker did it officially, although the company used a virtual interpretation of the trucks, not the real deal, to demonstrate the point. Of course, it didn’t take long for the intrepid 2022 Maverick fans to uncover a side-by-side meeting between the former and its larger F-150 sibling.

Well, it’s more like a follow-me encounter that had both trucks spotted by someone from the Maverick Truck Club forum. Curiously, although we are clearly dealing with test drive examples (it’s even written on the side of the F-150), the Maverick and F-Series were caught dwelling in front of a venue that had something to do with a Subaru event. Talk about unintentional photobombing…

Back to the serious stuff, we have to say to anyone who thinks the FX4 F-150 is immensely larger compared to its bite-sized Maverick sibling that perspective is always key to perception. As such, we’re pretty sure the view is a bit distorted, especially when judging the Maverick against the normal-sized humans sitting next to it or behind the truck.

So, it’s perhaps best to check out the second chapter of this encounter. That would be the way this truck duo carries its crimson shades because these reds aren’t the same on the Maverick and F-150. Instead, the former is said to be of the Hot Pepper Red variety ($390 option, available from the XLT trim up). Meanwhile, the F-150 proudly wears the well-known Rapid Red shade, a paintjob that’s immensely popular among fans of the 2021 Bronco as well.

By the way, although we don’t see much need in paying a lot of cash just to brag about being so fast in crimson, the Rapid Red hue can also be had on the 2022 Maverick, but with a twist. It’s only available for the First Edition bundle, which attracts a price hike of $5,480 above the Lariat grade – and it also costs more, at $495.