SSC unveils new versions of its Tuatara hypercar


The American manufacturer has unveiled two new versions of its SSC Tuatara hypercar. The novelties were named Striker and Aggressor. The latter boasts a capacity of 2200 hp.

How can you upgrade a 1,750 horsepower car – the SSC Tuatara hypercar, which is currently the fastest production car in the world? In fact, the ride is very simple – you need to increase the downforce and, of course, add more power to its engine.

This is exactly what SSC has done, which has unveiled two new versions of its Tuatara hypercar.

Tuatara Striker is focused on improving aerodynamics while significantly increasing downforce. Specifically, the SSC press release claims that the downforce has tripled, creating 498.95 kg for the entire vehicle at 257.44 km / h.

The massive rear wing is part of an aerodynamic “package” that works with the Tuatara active rear wing as well as a vertical stabilizer bar and a specially designed diffuser. A front splitter and side rockers with directional blades contribute to reducing air resistance. Overall, SSC says aerodynamic updates balance the extra push to 45.4 percent in the front and 54.6 percent in the rear. The cabin contains a huge amount of carbon fiber and Alcantara.

The Tuatara Striker remains standard at 1,750 hp. And the Tuatara Aggressor boasts an absurd 2,200 hp. The Aggressor also gets the same aerodynamic elements as the Tuatara Striker, but is not allowed on public roads. SSC only positions this car for the racetrack and is infinitely customizable as well. The SSC doesn’t offer much detail other than claiming that the exhaust sound is customizable.

SSC will build 100 of the regular Tuatara and 100 of the Tuatara Striker. The Tuatara Aggressor will be limited to 10 units. No pricing information is provided.

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote that Bugatti spent 7.4 years developing the unique La Voiture Noire hypercar for 989 million rubles. Bugatti’s new hypercar is based on the existing Chiron, but it took 65,000 labor hours to develop. The price tag is space.