Stealthy-Looking Launch Pad Is the Kind of Off-Grid Beast That John Wick Would Drive


Forget about sophisticated styling, LCD TV sets, and a cozy atmosphere – a rugged beast, such as Launch Pad, skips the frills and gets straight to the point. It was named that way because it becomes the perfect launching point, when you’re out hunting. With its stealthy look and smart, functional layout, it could be the right van for John Wick himself.

The team at Outside Van has been creating custom builds for those with an adventurous lifestyle, for over 30 years. Their most recent model, Launch Pad, is unlike any other, and consider the fact that these folks roll out around 100 custom van conversions each year. Based on a 170 extended Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van, with a Dually 4-wheel drive, this impressive conversion reveals a truly functional configuration.

Depending on the passenger number, the front seating can be modified to accommodate two or four people. If you opt for the two-seater version, there’s enough room to add a premium, removable bench seat, with great views for hunting. The sleeping and lounge area can be configured in three different ways, thanks to the brand’s innovative bed that can be easily stored away, to create more space.

The custom galley kitchen is packed with everything you need, including a flush-mounted induction cooktop, a dual-zone refrigerator, and a sink, all of premium quality. When it’s time to rest after a full day of adventures off the grid, the dinette leather-bound couches in the lounge area are the perfect spot for that.

In terms of power, Launch Pad features a 630-amp hour lithium battery, three 45 W solar panels on the roof, and a 2,000 W inverter, for a reliable source of electricity, no matter how far you travel. A 50” LED light bar integrated into the roof rack, plus side utility ladders and a premium winch make sure that this powerful van can handle any extra tasks, day or night.

You can still get your hands on this custom van, available by the beginning of December. With help from Outside Van, you can customize your Launch Pad even further.