Stellantis will retain all 14 brands for at least ten years


Earlier it was reported that the newly-minted international alliance Stellantis wants to revise the range of models in the PSA and FCA concerns, as well as to abandon some of the brands. Now it became known that all brands are given ten years to prove their performance.

When the new car alliance was first formed, there were rumors that the number of brands included in it would thin out. Now Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares has revealed what the group plans to do with its brands.

Speaking at the Financial Times Automotive Summit, Tavares stressed that each of his premium brands will have 10 years to put their businesses in order and prove they justify the company’s resources.

During this period, all brands will receive the funding necessary for their work. To perform well, auto brand management must clearly understand their customers, as well as their goals and communications. All opportunities will be provided to them, and the results will be summed up in 2031.

The development strategy chosen by Stellantis actually saved Lancia and Chrysler – these brands were close to extinction.

Alfa Romeo (due to its not too diverse model range) and Vauxhall (cars with such a logo can only be found on the British market) had foggy prospects.

And Autoalliance is also going to revise the list of current platforms and transmissions.

It is planned that the company will refuse from many combinations, leaving only the most promising, demanded and profitable ones. But the new strategy does not apply to the brand divisions. So, Stellantis has already managed to close the American division of SRT, which produced hot versions of Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler models.

Earlier, AutoTimesNews said that the German company BMW will stop producing half of the transmission options by 2025. The brand is actively engaged in the electrification of its models, so such a reform is objectively overdue.