“Stemless” Bike Handlebar Attaches Directly to the Fork, Is Light and Reliable


There’s a growing trend in making shorter bike stems nowadays, with more and more manufacturers striving to shave off inches or even come up with combo concepts that combine the handlebar with the stem in a one-piece system. But how about a handlebar that eliminates the need for a stem altogether?

The length of the stem plays an important role when it comes to handling your bike. When road biking, a longer stem doesn’t really pose an issue when it comes to controlling the bike, because your steering input isn’t all that harsh and frequent. But things change with mountain biking, where you need a greater deal of stability.

A shorter stem gives you more confidence and a more responsive feel because you can handle your bike in a timelier manner. The wider the bar and shorter the stem, the more stability you have when you’re speeding down the mountain, for instance.

Manufacturers like Syncros have taken things even further, integrating the stem and the handlebar as a combo, as can be seen in their new Addict Gravel bikes. But the ultimate design comes from Faserwerk, a brand owned by the Swiss company Arc8.

Faserwerk created the Baslerstab, a handlebar with a design as peculiar as its name. The handlebar attaches itself directly to your bike’s fork. In order to bypass the stem, the company designed the handlebar in a way that it passes close to the steerer tube, but also keeps the grips in the same position as with a standard handlebar.

The Baslerstab has a circular cutout that attaches to the fork and stays there thanks to a clamp bolted on from the back.

Faserwerk explains that this design helps with the weight of the handlebar, which is 800 mm (31.4) wide but weighs only 240 grams (8.4 oz).

The Baslerstab is available for purchase at $300.