Stunt Supermoto Rider Makes Like a Bull in a China Shop and Breaks All Kinds of Glass


The Corning Museum of Glass is an institution which houses more than 50,000 delicate and lovely glass objects in upstate New York that was opened in 1951. I used to work at Corning as a consultant, so I know all about it. It is actually kind of cool.

The museum is chock full of precious and intricate bits of glasswork and art, and for that reason, only a total hoon would ride his motorcycle around inside. So here’s your chance to see that very atrocity take place.

The museum curators were adamant that the motorcycle in question did not produce exhaust fumes which might sully the pieces on display, so Red Bull stunt rider Aaron Colton took six months to assemble his custom stunt supermoto bike based on an Alta Redshift electric motocross machine.

The Alta Redshift AC93 he built for the task of his ride through the Corning Museum of Glass is one of the first custom electric stunt motorcycles ever made and he uses the bike to ride through the glass exhibit.

Colton has been called “the riders rider” and Street Bike Freestyle aficionados surely know his name. A prodigy on two wheels since he first hopped on a stunt machine at fourteen years old, Colton is a king of no-handed wheelies, a long list of tricks on two wheels, a showman and a competitor.

Colton has also taken on all disciplines of motorcycling competing in Street Freestyle, Pro Road Racing, Pro Flat Track, WORCS Off-Road Races and Regional Supermoto and Motorcross Races.

His demo program has been on display across the United States and his unique skills are sought after for movie and commercial stunt work.

And you are indeed lucky in that the entire glass-shattering video takes just 25 minutes of screen time to watch, but we started at the 22-minute mark as your time is precious.

Be forewarned that only glass intended to be shattered was shattered in the making of this video.