Subaru Announces Summer Gymkhana 2020 WRX STI Tour


First unveiled in October 2020, the Gymkhana 2020 WRX STI is a one-off model with lots of carbon fiber built to showcase stunts.

The automaker has announced the start of the 862-horsepower beast demo tour, which will include hill climbs, car dealerships and more. The car is currently filming on YouTube in Hoonigan’s This vs. That ”. He even had his own special series, in which each race ends with a jump of 30 meters.

This will be followed by the release of the Gymkhana 2020 Extended Cut on Subaru’s YouTube page on June 15. The video will include over a minute of extra footage and new stunts performed in Annapolis, Maryland, in the hometown of driver Travis Pastrana. The vehicle will then travel to the Speed ​​Hillclimb Shootout Festival in Goodwood in July, where Pastrana will demonstrate a high-speed ascent up the 1.87-kilometer hill.

However, this will not be the only climb of the car up the mountain. In August, the car will return to a hilltop race in Washington, where Pastrana will try to break the 5: 44.72 record at the 12.23km he set in 2017.

“From the first test in this STI, I knew that we should use it for more than just Gymkhana! “- said Pastrana. “With so much power and downforce, plus all the rally and rallycross technologies in the chassis and suspension, this car would be ideal for hill climbing where we can really take advantage of this level of performance. Plus, I’m very happy that we can finally share this with the fans for the first time since the events will take place this summer. “