Subaru introduced in Japan the updated crossover Forester 2022


Subaru unveiled the fifth-generation Forester back in March 2018, and as the product lifecycle is shrinking, it should come as no surprise that the updated version is now making its home market debut in Japan. The compact crossover hasn’t changed much, the most obvious innovation is at the front, where you can see redesigned headlights with a more vertical design.

The front bumper has also been redesigned to include a protrusion just below the redesigned headlight that houses the washer. The grille does not look larger than before, but it has a flat U-shaped pattern. In addition, the Subaru logo is adorned with a metal ornament. Depending on the configuration, there are round and vertical fog lights, but they are all LED.

There is only one image showing the rear so far, and perhaps that’s because the JDM-spec Forester looks pretty much the same as before. A slight restyling usually introduces some changes to the graphics of the taillights, but the optics themselves look identical to those in the current generation model. Subaru is offering 18-inch wheels with a redesigned design and adding three new colors (Autumn Green Metallic, Cascading Silica Green, Shiny Bronze Metallic) to the local version of its crossover, which is available in Touring, X-Break, Advance and Sport trim levels.

The interior of the Forester 2022 for the Land of the Rising Sun is much the same as before, but with a new choice of trim materials. In addition, EyeSight has added a wider angle of view for a stereo camera, as well as improved software optimizations. Subaru has tweaked the suspension for all trim levels to improve comfort, while e-Active Shift Control is now available on all versions equipped with the e-Boxer hybrid engine.

Subaru is already taking pre-orders for the JDM Forester and we expect the North American version of the 2022 model to be unveiled in the coming weeks. The prototype has already been spotted on the continent in December 2020, so its official debut is likely to happen in the very near future.

It is possible that after the update, the American Forester will receive a 1.8-liter turbocharged gasoline engine, available in Japan in the Sport version, with 174 hp. power and 300 Nm of torque. It has 61 Nm more torque than the naturally aspirated 2.5-liter engine and has better low-end response thanks to forced induction.