Supercar Blondie Checks Out $1.2 Million Lunar Rover SUV With Gullwing Doors


You might know somebody with a powerful German SUV or a tuned Tahoe that puts down 1000 horsepower at the drag strip. But do you know somebody with a space rover that you can drive? Supercar Blondie does, and it’s none other than comedian Jeff Dunham. You know… the guy who with the funny puppet show.

We’ve still not sure why rapper Xzibit fits into all of this, but he does make the YouTube video more entertaining for the young audience. And apparently, the ex-host of Pimp My Ride isn’t the real car celebrity here. Jeff Dunham has amassed an impressive lineup of vintage motors that include the Ferrari GTX1, a little tank, a 1934 Ford with Achmed the Dead Terrorist on top of the engine, a 1979 Superbird, and a few batmobiles.

Apparently, he’s got about 100 vehicles in total, so he’s like a quirky Jay Leno in the making. As you can probably tell, he likes ’em a little weird or Hollywood-related. This weird SUV obviously fits that description, as it’s the one that appeared in 2018’s Netflix series Lost in Space. There’s it’s dubbed the “Chariot” and plays the part of a solar-powered exploration vehicle for the colonists of the Alpha Centauri Colonist Program.

Even by Beverly Hills standards, this is still a pretty flashy-looking car. It takes the shape of a futuristic cube with a large greenhouse and gullwing doors operated by hydraulics. The long independent suspension arms appear to end with Pitbull Rocker tires, so you could say it’s part Jeep as well.

And unlike most movie cars, this ones goes. Apparently, power is provided by an LS3 making about 550 horsepower. Apparently, this particular unit hasn’t been featured yet and should star in the third season. We haven’t watched the show, but according to the web, that would make it the “Chariot 3.”

Regarding price, Supercar Blondie has this at $1.2 million, which sounds like a lot. But it’s just on par with a G63 6×6 or a few Hennessey VelociRaptors if you think about it. And that’s just how much they paid to build it. This thing has seen some abuse during filming and the celebrity owner got a good deal as a result. We like how Jeff Dunham keeps it very real, pointing out that they only made two vehicles for the movie but changed the graphics to make it look like they had more.