Supercharged Ford Mustang GT Drags Wheelie Pontiac Trans Am, It’s Amazingly Close


Six generations of Mustangs and counting, with performance ranging from pony to full-blown muscle and supercar levels. And with a huge fan base, countless aftermarket possibilities, and a legendary motorsport pedigree. So, is anyone surprised why dragstrips are brimming with these Blue Ovals?

Of course not. So, it takes experience to separate the special ones from the pack. Well, the good folks over at the Drag Racing and Car Stuff channel on YouTube have plentiful. But we can imagine their expertise wasn’t needed when the decision to focus on this supercharged S197 Ford Mustang GT was made.

After all, VMP Performance’s Blue Oval easily manages to stand out in any crowd, with its covered headlights and the special design referencing this crimson Mustang’s nickname of “Tin Man.” The menacing looks always need to be doubled by performance, otherwise it would be just for show. That’s not the case here, though.

Filmed during the Street Car Takeover events in Bowling Green and Indianapolis, the supercharged Ford took on a wide variety of competitors. First up was a hoodless SUV from 0:55, and the latter helped set the perspective with a cool burnout (wrongly) performed after the green light. Naturally, the victory went the other way, so the Mustang GT posted a 9.91s ET against the opponent’s 10.16s result.

For those who love the Fox Body Mustang more than anything else, we have an example at the 1:30 mark. Though, in the end, the modern warrior proved too hard to defeat, especially with its 9.09s time (9.52s ET for the little Ford). Next up came a solo run (9.4s), followed by another Mustang vs. Mustang brawl.

This time around, it was Team Duo’s turbocharged S550 lining up from the 2:50 mark. A slightly odd encounter (the time board gave us a winner, the lights said otherwise), but that’s just something cool to prepare us for the best pass of the video (embedded below). From the 3:25 mark, the S197 goes up against a white Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, and it seems that all bets are off.

As such, the Trans Am performs a massive wheelie even before passing the Christmas tree, then roars down the track side-by-side with the bellowing Mustang. In the end, the pass was a great one from both drivers, with the S197 narrowly snatching the win (9.1s to 9.13s)!