Supertramp Flagship LT Camper Fits Any Full-Size Truck, Is Light but Fully-Equipped


The Flagship LT weighs 1,200 lbs (approximately 545 kg), barely making itself noticeable in your truck, but it still offers all the amenities needed for a compromise-free road trip. An electric system with linear actuators lifts the roof in just 10 seconds, with all your setup effort implying the pushing of a button.

From a four-inch queen bed and 35 in (almost 90 cm) of headroom to a kitchenette with sink, a stove, a bamboo countertop, and a 65L fridge, the Flagship LT comes fully equipped.

Two 100W solar panels on the roof are included as standard features, along with a 100Ah 12V lithium battery, MaxxAir 7500K roof vent fans, dual USB ports, a SmartShunt Bluetooth battery/power consumption monitor, and smoke detector, 25-gallon (94.6 liters) freshwater tank, 5-gallon (19 liters) grey water tank, to name just the highlights. In addition, there are four large windows, and the fabric is three-layer insulated.

Below the sleeping area, you’ve got an L-shaped sofa, and the water tanks go below it.

As far as the interior colors go, there are both cool tones and warm tones to choose from, with your options being a Glacial Valley-style or a Desert Mesa option. A portable toilet is included, and there’s also an optional interior shower available.

There’s plenty of storage in the truck camper, under the bed and the bench, you’ve got kitchen cabinets and a 48 in pullout basement storage.

Also, on the list of optional features, you’ve got an additional 100Ah lithium battery, an additional 100W solar panel, an 1500W AC inverter, a 180-degree awning, an outside shower enclosure, a backup camera, and more.

Customers can reserve a Supertramp Flagship LT camper for $100, and after you decide on a design with the production team, you’ll have to make a 20 percent deposit. The pricing of the camper starts at $42,500.