Sure, Rimac’s Nevera Is Ultra Fast In A Straight Line, But Will It Drift?


Rimac has been making quite a few headlines of late, and for good reason. Their latest hypercar, the all-electric Nevera, has already set an unofficial quarter-mile record, decimating a Ferrari SF90 Stradale in the process. Now the team that bought us that drag race, Carwow, is back again, with a more in-depth review of the near-2000 hp Croatian EV.

The Nevera is equipped with a 120 kWh battery, which just happens to be the largest battery pack fitted to any production EV. It’s good for a range of 340 miles (547 km) — impressive for a supercar.

It also features four motors that can individually vector torque to each wheel, while via a dedicated dial on the dash, you can split the amount of torque you want to send to each axle, all with a few clicks.

The figures of 1914 horsepower and 2360 Nm of torque can’t completely steal the show when it comes to the level of detail dialed into the chassis and body.

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