Survey reveals British drivers believe they can outperform autonomous cars


The survey out of the UK claims British drivers think they can do it better than autonomous tech.


A survey of British motorists has revealed that 46 per cent believe “they’d be a better driver than driverless cars powered by Artificial Intelligence”.

Of the 46 per cent who believed in their abilities, more than half were aged between 18 and 24, and only 39 per cent were aged over 75.

The research was conducted by the financial services arm of Volkswagen UK, in response to the nation’s Department for Transport announcing self-driving cars could be legal on UK roads by the end of 2021.

The survey received a total of 2012 responses, with 21 per cent of the group also claiming “they’re likely to buy a driverless car if and when they become available.”

Of those who were interested, 44 per cent envisioned themselves listening to music most behind the wheel not driving, however 22 per cent still claimed they would still be focused on the road as if they were.

The UK government expects the autonomous vehicle sector to be worth £42 billion ($AU78.4 billion) by 2035, or around six per cent of the £650 billion ($AU1.2 trillion) global market.

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