SUV Nissan Patrol turned into a practical motorhome


The camper can be used for long distance travel. Despite the lack of free space, the modified SUV will allow you not only to relax, but also to cook lunch or take a shower. A camper based on the Nissan Patrol SUV can be found in Australia.

It belongs to a guy named Marty. This well-thought-out motorhome is powered by a proven 4.2-liter turbodiesel coupled with a 5-speed manual transmission.

The camper will allow its owner to shower, prepare food and relax in comfort after a busy day. The sleeping place is equipped in a retractable tent on the roof. This Nissan Patrol even has solar panels.

This motorhome has more than enough storage space (all sorts of shelves and cabinets). Its creators tried to make the most of every centimeter of available space.

When looking at all this, one gets the impression that we have a pantry on wheels.

However, you never know what may be required on a trip. In any case, this camper can serve as a good example to follow for those who are thinking to build something similar. YouTube video tells the details about the modified Nissan Patrol.

This 40-minute “video tour” can be a guide for those who are fluent in English.

Earlier, we talked about a motorhome based on the Toyota Land Cruiser SUV. Despite not the largest dimensions of the “residential” part, this camper is able to surprise with the presence of everything you need even for long journeys.