Sweet BMW M850i Shooting Brake Would Blow Your Digital Socks Off


Remember when the terms shooting brake and coupe literally meant three and two doors, respectively? We certainly do, only cars like the Mercedes-Benz CLS weren’t even in the pipeline back then, and BMW had no idea that they would pretty much invent the crossover coupe segment with the original X6. Speaking of the marque based in Munich, it was one of their models that has been subjected to a rather significant pixel rearrangement, and the result is simply breathtaking. Signed by SugarDesign, the car in question is the modern-day BMW 8 Series Coupe, in the M850i specification, only it’s not a Coupe anymore, but a Shooting Brake. It looks pretty much the same as its real two-door sibling, up to the A pillars at least, as further back, it has a longer and less arched roofline. This has inevitably opened up more headroom for rear-seat passengers and has made the trunk more spacious. Sporting slightly bigger taillights that protrude more into the quarter panels, the back end retains the typical design, only instead of a trunk lid, it has a tailgate, with a discreet spoiler attached to it. Additional BMW roundels bedeck the C pillars, reminding of the X2, and the car still rides on the OEM wheels. This simple yet very effective CGI makeover of the Bimmer has created a gorgeous body style, which would turn heads wherever it goes. Nonetheless, it has zero chances of being greenlit, as most car buyers today want crossovers, SUVs, and pickups and are also being fed more electric vehicles than the world has ever seen. Thus, we would definitely not hold our breath for an 8 Series Shooting Brake, as cool as it may be, because it would probably not justify the development and production costs, and everyone is in this business to make money.