Sweet Tooth Ice Cream Truck Makes Jump From the Past for Modern CGI Nightmares


One of Sony’s Greatest Hits A-listers, the Twisted Metal video game series has probably remained in history for one particular element. It’s not the vehicular combat system but the main character’s epic ice cream truck. After all, with a single digital apparition it managed to instill fear and deliver lots of nightmares to the game’s fans. Yet, it’s still very much beloved by the community.

Of course, Sony made a point in promoting the polka dot-painted, machine gun-equipped boxy truck in every game in the series to date. After all, alongside its driver, the clown-themed serial killer Marcus “Needles” Kane, it plays with just about every pop culture trope.

Yes, the ones about something that’s inherently associated with goodness but turns into a malevolent weapon of mass (vehicular) destruction. And just about everyone who ever played a Twisted Metal game will probably admit that it gave them the chills and probably even some nightmares.

Now, pixel master Timothy Adry Emmanuel (a.k.a. adry53customs on social media) has probably decided to make sure we don’t forget about its killer allure. And we’re willing to bet that some diehard fans of the series will both marvel and jump at the sight of this ice cream truck, reminiscing the great in-game fun and the following late-night scares. I know I’m sleeping with my light turned on this evening.

Anyways, as far as the ice cream truck rendering is concerned, the digital artist is a true fan that doesn’t want to tarnish the video game heritage. That means the customizations are kept to a minimum, and the Sweet Tooth jumps into the 21st century with a neat set of aftermarket wheels, a slight nip and tuck of the design, as well as an upgraded arsenal for combat duties. All the great elements are also there, complete with the macabre clown head sitting on top, or the six-barrel guns strapped to the front.

This time around, the massive clown decoration doesn’t feature double duties as the source of Needles Kane’s Napalm Cone weapon, and instead, the huge burning projectile is tucked neatly inside the van. Just like a stealth bomber but with a scary ice cream truck twist. Chilling, yet also undeniably cool!