Talented 1969 Ford Mustang replica made from old Hyundai Accent


From a budget Chinese sedan, it turned out to be an exact copy of the iconic pony car. The specialists of the Dream Customs India workshop were working on this interesting project.

India has an old Hyundai Accent, which is very cleverly disguised as a 1969 Ford Mustang. Indian tuners have thoroughly redesigned the 2009 2nd generation sedan, giving it a striking resemblance to the iconic American.

For this, the body had to be created practically from scratch. But the steering wheel, instruments and center console, the replica took over without changes from the Korean sedan. Only here the tuners did work on the dashboard. Converting a Hyundai Accent into a Mustang costs Rs 800,000, the cost of the sedan itself is not included in this amount. This is almost 796 thousand rubles in our money. All work took four months. And Dream Customs India specialists are ready to repeat them for interested clients.

The difficulty of this project is that Indian tuners did not have modern modeling tools, so they had to remake the sedan into a coupe almost “by touch”. Most of all, the converted car resembles the iconic Mustang with its stern. And if you manage to pick up wheels of similar design, then the puzzle will finally be formed.

But the front part came out less harmonious: a long hood is knocked out of the general ensemble, a bust with chrome in the design of the radiator grill, etc.

The interior does not even remotely resemble the interior of the original Mustang – it looks too artisanal. Front-wheel drive replica with “subcompact aspirated”.