Taste the True Glamping Lifestyle With These Raw and Rentable Covered Wagons


Folks, if you paid attention in history class during your early years, then you have some idea of what it is you’re looking at. It’s a covered wagon much like the ones used during the Gold Rush, which saw one of the largest mass migrations in U.S. history, around 300,000 people. This design was responsible for helping humans across mountains, plains, rivers, and even deserts finally arrive in the promised land. And while we now live in an age where very few craftsmen know how to build or maintain such a construction, we were able to find a place near Lake Powell, Arizona, that offers guests one of the most vintage habitats around. While there is no name given to this glamping ground, according to Airbnb, this privately-owned campground offers its guests the possibility to sleep and live out of converted wagons for as long as your pockets will let you. Just to get an idea of the sort of cash you’ll need to sleep in a wagon under the stars, for five nights in mid-April, you’re looking at an average rate of around 250 USD (220 EUR at current exchange rates) a night, depending on the booking service you use. Keep reading to see what’s in store for you. Now, the idea behind the campground is that of being as rustic as possible. This doesn’t mean lacking in amenities, as the place is fully prepared to accommodate guests. What does this mean, then? Well, the ranch is a bed and breakfast that consists of two rentable wagons, where breakfast is about the only interaction you’ll have with the operators of this campground. However, aimed at offering guests the genuine feeling that was had back in the 1800s, each wagon is designed to be as raw as possible. Have a look at the gallery to see what I mean. Inside each dwelling, you can forget about modern comforts and amenities as the interior is completed using a heap load of wood. The lower half of the wagon features two wooden platforms that act as a social area, while the very rear includes another wooden platform that serves as a bed. Of course, there’s a mattress, even under-bed storage by the looks of it. However, that’s about it. The front and rear walls of the wagon are completed from wood too. The rear wall features an easy-to-open window and a bookshelf, while the front features the door and a few other shelves for goodies and utensils. As for the ceiling, it looks to be made of cloth and set on a wooden frame. As for services like showers and toilets, it seems to be outdoors, built from wood. The outhouse looks like the ones on my grandparents’ farms, and the showers are on a raised platform with high wooden walls suitable to keep prying eyes out. Now, all of this is set out in the middle of the desert. This means you need to be prepared if you’re looking to survive out here. If you choose the wrong months, there may be critters, flash cold weather, and even scorching sun. Having lived in Arizona most of my life, I can tell you that you better stay in the shade for as long as possible and remember to hydrate, constantly. Nonetheless, if you’re the sort of person looking for a die-hard experience in the off-grid game, this is about as raw as you can find. Best of all, you could probably complete an anthropology paper on your experience.