Team Fordzilla reveals ultimate virtual racing car (w/VIDEO)


Ford and its Team Fordzilla esports team have unveiled a world-first at this year’s gamescom event which is described as ‘the ultimate virtual racing car’. Designed with collaboration between Ford designers and the gaming community, the car was developed under the codename ‘Project P1’.

It was then created with fan votes on Twitter at different design stages. Gamers decided on elements including seating position, cockpit style and drivetrain before Ford designers worked up their interpretations of the brief.

Two designs were put forward for the final poll, with the car by Ford exterior designer Arturo Arino emerging victorious, gaining 83.8% of the votes. Close to 225,000 fans let their preferences be known throughout the polling process.

Inspired by the Ford GT
With inspiration from the Ford GT, Arino’s design employs unique touches like morphing technology on the body to offer the stability of a longtail racer on the high-speed straights of Le Mans,

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