Tesla cars attacked by rats


Owners of American electric vehicles are faced with a new scourge, which this time was not Tesla’s fault.

Numerous complaints about rats and mice that literally destroy Tesla cars began to appear on the web. “Surprisingly,” the company refuses to pay irreparable damages. Although users note that soy wire insulation is to blame, which becomes a meal for rodents. As a result, the climate system stops working and other functions of the electric vehicle suffer.

“Most car makers use soybeans for new cars because it’s cheaper and better for the environment. The use of this material will not be considered a ‘defect’ in design or use … Given that Tesla cannot control too many factors, we cannot cover this under warranty or pay for repairs, ”said Tesla Service Advisor Jose Solis.

Tesla electric car owners are not the only ones to face this problem – indeed, many automakers have started using eco-friendly wire insulation. Just like Tesla, they all refused to cover the damage, claiming that rats gnawing on the inside of the car are a natural phenomenon, not their problem.

The number of similar complaints in New York alone in March 2021 increased by 80% compared to 2019. Due to the pandemic, rats had to change their dietary habits, and they were forced to seek food in unfamiliar places.