Tesla Model 3 Goes for the Stormtrooper Look with CGI Aero Kit, Surprisingly Small Wheels


Truth be told, the 3 is one of those cars that seem to leave a better impression when seen in the real world than in the pictures and, if you ask us, once you get used to the weird nose, it’s really not that terrible. No Tesla is going to win any design prizes – maybe apart from a Golden Raspberry Award equivalent for the Model X – but they don’t exactly stink the room either.

Out of the admittedly still restricted bunch, the Model 3 takes one of the two top spots, depending on how you feel about it compared to the larger Model S. But regardless of how you feel about it, there is definitely one attribute you won’t associate with the EV, and that is “sporty”.

Ironically enough, even with the launch of the 1,020 hp Model S Plaid, the Model 3 Performance is still the sportiest member of the Tesla lineup. It may not be the quickest but from the driving experience perspective, the 3 is the car you want to take out on a circuit, particularly if it’s a more technical track.

As with any other car designed to drive on regular roads, the Model 3 could benefit from a few upgrades before hitting the track. The brakes, for instance, are known to fade quite quickly, and even the suspension could do with a tune. However, for maximum effect, what it would need is an aggressive body kit.

Enter AVANTÉ Design House and its almost complete conversion for the Model 3. The white paint coupled with the intricate bumper and its black details give it a Stormtrooper look from the front, but the real eye-popper there is the Model S-like nose. Since this is only a rendering, we can’t tell whether that’s just a black strip of wrapping or an actual gap, but it certainly makes you look twice before you can identify it as a 3 beyond any doubt.

The bumper is part of the EV’s extensive aero kit that also includes new side skirts, a sizeable wing, and a rear air diffuser that’s even larger and more outlandish than that front bumper. Completing the “ready to race” look is a serious suspension drop that makes your kidneys hurt just by looking at it.

The one place where we feel like more work was needed is the wheels. We can’t tell if they are too small or just have an awkward design, but what we do know is that they don’t do a great job of filling those arches (visible particularly in the side view). In fact, what this Model 3 is crying for is wider tracks and some flared arches to go with them. But it’s not bad as it is either.