Tesla Model S Catches Fire at Tesla Service Center in Marietta, Georgia


Tesla always claims that combustion-engined fires are more common than those with electric vehicles. However, the company has been collecting more and more cases of Model S and Model X spontaneous fires all over the world and in the U.S. in particular. After a Model X caught fire in Luxembourg at a Tesla Service Center, a Model S did the same in the back of the Marietta Service Center, in Georgia.

The city of Marietta shared the images on September 27 and only praised the Marietta Fire Department for thinking “outside the box” while fighting an electric car fire. The solution was indeed creative: they have placed the red Model S over piles of wood and put a hose under the battery pack to cool it down. The pictures show the amount of water used in the process, and it looks like a flood.

We sent the city of Marietta Facebook page messages asking for information on the blaze and have received no answer so far. We also thought it pretty weird that any local newspaper of any kind did not cover the fire. However, there’s a possible explanation for that.

The back of the Tesla Service Center in Marietta is in a very private area of the American Business Center, the shopping mall in which it is located. Google Maps Images allowed us to discover the precise location of the fire. Apart from the firefighters and the people that frequent that protected area, nobody else would know about the blaze if the city of Marietta had not shared the images praising the firefighters’ creativity. The left side of the EV seems to be the most affect.

Unfortunately, that is still very little information. We are waiting to hear from the city of Marietta at what time the fire started, if it was spontaneous, if the Model S was charging (it is close to chargers), and who is investigating the incident. If you happen to know anything about that, please get in touch with us.

Should Tesla had a press department, we could ask it what happened. As the company controls all Service Centers around the world, we’re pretty sure it knows everything we need to learn. Bringing the situation to public scrutiny may help make Tesla more transparent about what is going on with these fires. Affected customers are still waiting for answers.