Tesla Recalls Hit China and Add 199,741 to the List of Affected EVs


Tesla warned NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) of two massive recalls in the U.S. on December 21. There are 119,009 Model S units affected by a frunk problem and 356,309 Model 3s with a coaxial cable stress case that can kill rearview camera images. Predictably, the recall has reached China and included 199,741 to the list. That brings the total number to 675,059, but it is sure to rise even more. The Model S is only produced in Fremont. That means all Model S units in the world are also subject to this recall if they were built between September 16, 2014, and December 23, 2020, as SAMR disclosed. Concerning the Tesla Model 3, it is a bit more complicated. Apart from being produced exclusively in Fremont until Giga Shanghai started manufacturing operations on October 14, 2019, units made in China are also affected. Tesla said that there are 144,208 Chinese Model 3s among the affected cars, which includes those made from when the factory began production until December 27, 2020. It seems that the correction Tesla promoted on September 30, 2020, in Fremont only reached Giga Shanghai on December 27. But there’s more: those 144,208 that will be recalled in China are the ones that remained in the country. Giga Shanghai became an export platform, meaning that there are probably many more of these defective EVs in Europe, Australia, and other markets that get these cars. Apart from the 144,208 locally-made EVs, China will also have to fix 35,836 Model 3 units imported from the U.S. and 19,697 Model Ss, leading to the 199,741 EVs that will require repairs in that country. Soon we will have news about the same measures in other countries. Considering how many Tesla Model 3 units Giga Shanghai exports, It would not surprise us that the number is much higher than the 675,059 we have so far. After all, the Model 3 is Tesla’s best-selling car and a big chunk of the more than 1 million cars it has produced so far.