Tesla scores exclusive pathway across US-Mexico border, but you can’t use it


No waiting for Tesla when crossing between Mexico and the USA, and it’s all in the name of efficient business.

James Ward


Those cheesy signs you buy from discount gift shops “No parking except for my…” have been one upped by a dedicated Tesla lane at a US-Mexico border crossing.

Situated at the Columbia Solidarity bridge that crosses the Rio Grande River, the checkpoint is between Laredo, Texas on the US side, and Nuevo Leon in Mexico.

While this may seem like the ultimate perk of specific electric car ownership, there will be no swift transit for regular owners, in that the lane is in place to facilitate swift movement between Tesla’s head office in Austin, Texas to suppliers located on the southern side of the border.

There are six companies that supply Tesla in the Nuevo Leon region of Mexico, including German driveline powerhouse ZF and Taiwanese IoT (Internet of Things) technology provider Quanta Computer.


What’s different about this crossing from other VIP or fast-track opportunities is the representation of the Tesla brand and logotype on the border crossing itself, highlighting the importance placed on the investment for the local Mexico industry and Tesla supply chain.

Think of it as a business-to-business transit lane, with many employees needing to make the inter-country crossing multiple times a day.

Note that the lane is available on the Mexican side only.

James Ward

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