Tesla will finalize the exterior of the Roadster model before launching the series


Elon Musk decided to “please” the public with a series of new tweets, which, however, this time concern machines, not bitcoin.

According to a tweet by the founder and CEO of Tesla, the production version of the Roadster will hit the assembly line in 2022, but in a slightly different form. At the very least, he replied that the production version of the model would look different from the one shown at the Peterson Automotive Museum in New York.

Interestingly, the museum plaque with the description of the model notes that the Roadster in the top modification with the optional SpaceX package will have compact rocket boosters powered by compressed cold gas that will allow the car to accelerate from standstill to 97 km / h in 1.1 seconds.

Recall that back in February 2021, Musk casually mentioned that he plans to use the developments of his space company SpaceX in his electric cars. They will allow, according to him, not only to instantly accelerate, but also to almost soar in the air. Then Musk stressed that the car should not only be able to rise above the ground to a height of 1-2 m, but also move in different directions.

Note that Tesla is a company that wants to do as many things as possible in an unconventional way. One area the company has shown its new ideas is in windshield cleaning of some of its upcoming models.

You may remember that for Cybertruck, the automaker proposed (and filed for a patent) a system in which laser beams cleaned the windshield of water and debris. Well, after some hype around the idea, Tesla is now making the headlines again with another unique way to clean the windshield of the upcoming Roadster.

A patent published in February for the Tesla Roadster says the wiper will be connected to an electromagnetic linear actuator and will be able to wipe nearly 100% of the screen surface. In theory, it should provide significantly better coverage than conventional wipers and allow the car to completely hide its (single) wiper blade (under the rear edge of the hood) when not in use.