Tesla will pay electric car owners $ 16,000 due to slow charging


This decision was made by a court in Norway. After analyzing all the data, it became clear that the software update affected the decrease in charging speed.

Tesla has been found guilty by a Norwegian court of deliberately lowering the charging speed on its cars. This became known on Monday, May 24. This happened after a software update.

As a result, Tesla will pay the owners of such cars an impressive amount of 16 thousand dollars (about 1.1 million rubles). The first complaints about two of Tesla’s top cars – Model S and Model X – appeared back in 2019. Then cars with a battery of 85 kW / h said that the power reserve on a single charge decreased from 397 to 349 km after the firmware was updated.

Another problem was express charging, which is now much slower. At the same time, Tesla went and said that they took such a move in order to increase the battery life. In addition, Tesla said the range was not significantly reduced.

However, the owners of the cars were not reassured by this, and they went to court, which ruled not in favor of the American auto giant.

There are about 10 thousand Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X registered in Norway, which could face problems due to new software.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk spoke about the capabilities of the new Tesla Roadster in the maximum version with the SpaceX package. According to him, such a car will spend only 1 second to set the first 100 km / h.