Tesla With the Most Mileage Reaches a New Milestone: 1.5 Million Kilometers


Hansjörg Eberhard von Gemmingen bought his used Model S P85+ in 2014 with 30,000 kilometers (18,641 miles) on the clock. He drives so much that this mileage soon increased by a lot. In November 2019, he reached 1 million km (621,371 mi). It took him a bit more than two years to cover 500,000 km (310,685.6 mi) more, which he just announced on Twitter. Von Gemmingen shared the picture that confirms the new milestone: he was traveling at 93 kph (57.8 mph) when it happened. Hopefully, somebody else took the photo while he was driving the Tesla with the most mileage in the world, a story that was not trouble-free. Until November 2019, the German Tesla owner was using the fourth electric motor in his car. The last one already had run 680,000 km (422,532 mi). The battery pack also was not the original one. Von Gemmingen himself told it was the third one his car had received until that point in a video with the T&T Emobility, Ove Kröger YouTube channel. According to Von Gemmingen, the first replacement happened when his car had 290,000 km (180,197.7 mi) and was still under warranty. Tesla installed a temporary battery pack in Gemmingen’s car until it could get a definite one. Von Gemmingen used it for 150,000 km (93,205.7 mi): it took Tesla half a year to replace the temporary battery pack from the Model S. That’s more than most cars ever get the chance to drive. We have no idea if Von Gemmingen already had to replace the battery pack after that or if the car still has a valid battery pack warranty – that’s very likely the case. We sent him some questions and will update this article or write a new one with the news. We’d talk to Tesla as well, but it refuses to answer questions from the press. #NeuesProfilbild pic.twitter.com/wEsk1ZW3yC — Hansjörg von Gemmingen – Hornberg (@gem8mingen) January 6, 2022