The 993 Speedster by Gunther Werks: Classic Open-Air Experience With a High-Tech Twist


Huge fans of the 993 as well, the guys at Gunther Werks (GW) felt that this classic icon still has a lot more to show to the world. Inspired by the more recent RS variants, they decided to recreate the pure experience of those classic machines using state-of-art fabrication and technology, but still maintaining a function over form approach, just like back in the day.

The 993 Speedster Remastered by Gunther Werks made its debut earlier this year at The Quail during Monterey Car Week in Carmel, California, emphasizing a Cannes paint job complemented by the gorgeous Dawn Orange leather interior.

The masters behind this vehicle’s powerplant are the guys from Rothsport Racing who put their magic touch on the inner workings of the Porsche-derived 4.0-liter flat-six. The cherry on top is its normally aspirated character, developing some impressive power figures: 435 hp and 335 lb-ft ( 454 Nm) of torque while rocking a 7800 rpm redline. The lusting-after engine comes mated to a massively reworked Getrag G50 6-speed manual transmission, including custom fine-tuned gear ratios.

The slick silhouette of the Speedster comes as a result of thorough design and engineering work intended to maintain the vehicle’s structural rigidity. The rear seat compartment is the main location where the reinforcements have been applied. Embracing all this comprehensive treatment sits the signature Speedster top tonneau encasing, which hides the fabric roof. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates a roll cage and roll hope system, two solutions meant to improve chassis stiffness and ensure passengers’ safety at all times.

The exterior design of the 993 Speedster by Gunther Werks speaks for itself. It maintains a retro aura but encompasses many design cues from the modern Porsche line-up. For starters, the lighting system is fully bespoke and uses a state-of-art bi-LED projection system that is contained inside an aerospace-grade glass housing surrounded by aluminum and carbon fiber.

The windscreen is mounted at a lower angle than the Coupe’s, the glass originating from a 964 Speedster. It gets surrounded by an especially developed carbon fiber and steel frame. Notably, customers have the liberty of specifying the screen to be completely removed, for the ultimate open-air experience. The pair of side windows also get transplanted from the 964 and mounted to frameless doors featuring Speedster specific billet aluminum side mirrors.

The hood has a more lightweight construction than the one fitted to the GW-993 Coupe, and the front bumper suffered slight design changes to accommodate the svelte appearance of the Speedster, including a carbon-fiber splitter. The car’s rear section is dominated by the ducktail spoiler, which got revised on the new model and now incorporates a ram air scoop. The 3D-printed Inconel exhaust tips are the finishing touches to a back end that will most definitely be lusted after following any overtake.

The retro-inspired approach continues on inside the vehicle. The interior is finished in refined leather, and the original dashboard layout has been replaced with carbon fiber inlays housing LED shift lights. The traditional gauges, period radio, and light switches, all intended to maintain an aura of classic motoring. The carbon-fiber bucket seats blend in beautifully inside this retro setting and offer a low and sporty driving position and much-needed lateral support and comfort while driving.

Sadly, there will be only 25 of these masterpieces ever built. Gunther Werks has not disclosed any pricing yet, but, most definitely, the numbers will be bumped up from the Coupe’s $525,000 starting price, not including the donor vehicle.

One of the most desirable Porsche retro-builds on the market, the 993 Speedster Remastered by Gunther Werks, represents a dream come true for many diehard enthusiasts of the brand. A priceless addition to one’s collection, this beautiful machine proves that automotive schooling of the past has a charm that is extremely difficult to replicate in a digital era like today.