The Best Cars I’ve Driven #2: FD2 Honda Civic Type R Sedan


Sometimes you meet a car that turns everything you thought you knew about the model on its head. The 2007-2011 FD2 Honda Civic Type R is the perfect case in point. Let me explain.

Back in 2006, a decade before the hottest version of the Civic officially made it to the US, Honda’s Swindon plant in the UK was starting to churn out the new Civic Type R hot hatch to send to dealers in Britain and around the world. It featured the latest FN2-generation hatchback Civic’s sci-fi styling, but the familiar high-revving, naturally-aspirated 2.0 K20 motor from the precious 2001-2005 EP3 Civic Type R hatch.

Disappointingly, it put out precious little extra power to offset the new car’s fuller waistline, so there was no great step forward in performance. Reviews were positive, but not effusive. Sales though, were strong, because the FN2 was a brilliantly bold bit of design.

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