The Buick Riviera Had A Touchscreen Display Way Back In 1986


Virtually every new car on the market has some kind of touchscreen infotainment system and while you could be excused for thinking such displays have only been around for a decade or so, their history dates much further back.

The very first production car outfitted with some kind of touchscreen display was the 1986 Buick Riviera. It was known as the Graphic Control Center, or CCC, and housed a host of important vehicle functions and displays.

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Of course, it wasn’t quite like the touchscreens you’re probably familiar with. Buick’s Graphic Control Center was a cathode-ray tube and had a simple black and green screen. It was also very small, measuring just 3×4 inches and was later featured on the Reatta as well.

A retro review shared online by MotorWeek offers us an in-depth look at the display.

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