The Ferrari 360 Modena Limo Is Definitely World’s Fastest Way to Get Attention


July is autoevolution’s Italian Month, a month-long virtual celebration of Italian excellence, which Ferrari so competently represents. The coincidence of having a very rare Ferrari just listed at auction brings about the question: do all the Ferrari qualities amplify if there’s more Ferrari to be had? Or, better yet, does “the bigger the better” saying apply?

Sometimes called the unicorns of the automotive industry, and most times referred to as sheer abominations, Ferrari limousines do exist, as we discussed in an older coverstory. They’re never Ferrari-sanctioned and can, sometimes, attract the ire of Prancing Horse bosses, demanding that the builders who modded it remove all Ferrari badges from the limousine. They always divide opinion and, maybe because of it and their rarity, always change hands for incredibly large amounts of money. They never fail to make headlines.

This is also the case here. Royal Cars UK has listed a Ferrari 360 Modena limousine on eBay UK. The asking price is £145,000, which is roughly $197,200 at the current exchange rate. The car is not new, with the listing noting that it’s had two more owners before the seller. It is, however, in good condition and, if you can ever take a seller at their word, the absolutely perfect way to stand out, whether you’re in the limo renting business or simply someone who likes to stand out.

No mileage is offered, and neither are photos of the interior. What the listing does say is that the limo is a left-hand drive with seating for eight, including the driver, two gullwing doors (for a total of four doors), an a gasoline engine mated to a semi-automatic transmission. Other features include AM/FM Stereo, CD player and premium sound system to get the party going, AC and climate control, leather bucket seats, and power locks.

The limo comes in Rosso Corsa, with aftermarket 19-inch wheels. The listing doesn’t say, but it looks very much like the 2011 conversion that, back in the day, boasted of being the only Ferrari limo in the UK, bearing the hilarious registration plate F1 2 FAT, and to have cost £200,000 ($272,000) for the conversion alone. If that’s really the vehicle in question, it was being rented by Herts Limos in London in 2013, so expect the mileage to be considerably high.

“Real head turner, guaranteed to stand out from the crowd!” the listing screams. “This is a very exciting opportunity for a savvy business owner who is looking to own & operate an iconic automotive work of art.”

Well, there is absolutely no denying that a Ferrari 360 Modena is iconic and a work of art, and this stretch limo must be partially that too, if only by mere association. Does it make it on par with the original car that served as base? Eh, it depends on who you ask.

The Ferrari 360 Modena limousine, with the term used generically, since there are a handful of examples around the world, boasts several Guinness records, including that of being the world’s longest Ferrari and the world’s fastest limousine. Builders from the UK, Australia and the United States have been tempted to make them, time and time again, and the conversion is almost always done in the same way: cut the Ferrari in half and extend the middle, and then pack the interior with everything you’d find in a Vegas limousine: screens, disco lights, smoke machines, wet bars, and premium sound systems. Naturally, the more stuff they put inside, the more weight they add over stock, and the slower the Ferrari becomes.

Sometimes, conversions are decent, and the resulting limo is streamlined and, from an angle, quite nice-looking if you’re not a Ferrari purist. Other times, you get the distinct impression you’re looking at an image that has been cartoonishly stretched and you’re supposed to ignore it and take it seriously. This particular item is somewhere in the middle.

Is it better because it’s a Ferrari? Is it everything-Ferrari times a gazillion only because it’s a stretched Ferrari? If you’re not the kind who would spend this kind of money on it or even be caught dead riding in one with a serious face on, you know the answer. If the Ferrari limousine is anything, it’s the fastest (and tackiest) way to get attention.