The Ferrari Omologata Is a One-Off Masterpiece


Based on the 812 Superfast

The Prancing Horse has made some fantastic one-off cars, but the latest, the Ferrari Omologata, is a real gem. The car took two years to create. It is based on the 812 Superfast, but there’s quite a lot of this vehicle that’s unique.

The car has totally a bespoke aluminum body that’s inspired by Ferrari’s GT race cars and modern architecture. This car is designed to be driven on the road and on the racetrack. The car was designed to “exploit the proportions of the potent, mid-front layout to deliver a very sleek design defined by smooth volumes and undulating reflections,” according to the company.

There are an oval grille and rounder, more sensuous curves than the standard 812 Superfast. The car also gets a special livery and a newly developed shade of red. There’s also plenty of carbon fiber. The result is a car that looks both classic and futuristic somehow at the same time. 

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