The Ford Bronco Does It Again, Soft Top Fails in Snowstorm Leaving Owner Appalled


Despite its huge success, the Ford Bronco was recalled seven times last year for various problems, pointing to a quality control problem at Ford. In the latest development, a Canadian owner found its Bronco’s interior filled with snow following a snowstorm. The Ford Bronco is arguably one of the most popular vehicles released last year in the U.S. Despite its success, the Bronco’s career was not exactly spotless. On the contrary, we might say Ford’s off-roader was one of the most recalled cars in history.   The compact-sized crossover has been previously recalled for inadequate lubrication in the rear-drive unit (January), missing or loose rear suspension bolts (February), incorrect front lower control arms (February), and a fuel delivery module that may leak (August). Those were followed by incorrectly folded airbags (October), inadequate bonding of the moonroof glass panel (October), and incorrectly manufactured rear brake linings (December). Besides these recalls that mean Ford came clean with their faults, there are other countless accounts of quality problems that marred the Bronco. Though isolated, like the incorrectly installed alternator belt or the leaked shock absorbers, these add up to paint a bleak image of Ford’s fledgling quality control. In the latest of Ford Bronco blunders, an unlucky owner found his car filled with snow after a snowstorm hit his hometown of Tuktoyaktuk in northern Canada. Tyrone Raddi shared his misfortune on Facebook, saying he parked his car outside with the soft top supposedly firmly in place. Nevertheless, he found the car’s interior completely covered in snow, including the engine. Of course, this shouldn’t have happened had the Bronco had a hardtop. This looks like a problem caused by the powerful blizzard, though, considering the car’s hood also failed to prevent the snow from entering the engine bay. Raddi’s walkaround shows a troubling discovery though, as one member of the family points a flashlight through the roof. This is easy to lift and reveals how the snow got in. According to the comments posted to the video, Radi has had a hardtop on order since July 2020, and we hope this one will properly seal the interior of the car. When it will be available, that is, as Ford currently has a huge backlog of hardtop replacements from the previous recall.