The Geo Metro Convertible Is A Laughably Mediocre Car From The ’80s


GM marketed Geo as a Chevrolet sub-brand that would partner with Japanese automakers like Toyota, Suzuki, and Isuzu to add a home twist to cheap import cars.

It was a move designed to see GM compete with the growing import market during the 1980s. In reality, it left us with a wake of dull, uninspiring, and downright depressing examples of badge engineering. But there’s one car that stands head and shoulders above all other in the annuls of history as the very worst from Geo: the Metro.

The Geo Metro was basically a Suzuki Swift with a new badge on it. But perhaps the zenith of all Metros is the car that Doug Demuro got his hands on recently: a remarkably original and well-kept Geo Metro Convertible that is up for auction right now.

Time hasn’t been kind to the Metro. Heck, even during its release, it wasn’t exactly a head-turner.

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