The Hennessey Venom 775 Isn’t Your Average 2021 Ford F-150 Pickup


As opposed to 400 horsepower and 410 pound-feet (556 Nm) at 4,250 revolutions per minute, the Hennessey Venom 775 is rocking 775 ponies and 685 pound-feet (929 Nm) at 4,800 rpm. Those numbers would make a Ram 1500 TRX blush in reverence, and the same can be said about the upcoming Ford F-150 Raptor R with the Predator V8 of the Shelby GT500.

In addition to a twin-screw blower that displaces 3.0 liters, the good ol’ Coyote is flexing a bigger throttle body, less restrictive air filtration, more aggressive parameters for the motor’s control unit, and better cooling in the guise of an air-to-water intercooler. Upgrades further extend to the fuel system, heavy-duty tensioner, lightweight supercharger pulley, spark plugs, transmission control module calibration, and a stainless cat-back exhaust.

Every build is completed by exterior graphics, embroidered headrests, three years or 36,000 miles (57,936 kilometers) of warranty, chassis dyno tuning, and up to 400 miles (644 kilometers) of road testing. As you can tell from the pictured vehicle, the Sealy-based outfit offers a few interesting options.

What Hennessey Performance Engineering calls the Off-Road Upgrade consists of integrated bumpers with a front-facing LED bar, a 6.0-inch lift, and 20-inch wheels complemented by 35- by 12.5-inch rubber shoes from Nitto. The Sport Kit Upgrade is the polar opposite of the aforementioned package because it features 22-inch wheels, street-going tires, and a coil-over suspension lowering kit. This particular flavor of the Venom 775 includes traction bars that are designed to prevent axle wrap and wheel hop.

Hennessey didn’t mention the pricing, but it’s not that hard to guesstimate the over-$100,000 sticker price of serial number 001. After all, the donor truck is a Platinum trim level with the free-breathing Coyote mill and the 5.5-foot box, a configuration that retails from $61,135 at the time of writing.