The Jaguar XJS Has Aged Into Its Looks, But Prices Haven’t Caught Up Yet


The people of the ’70s can perhaps be forgiven for not immediately appreciating the Jaguar XJS when the car it was replacing was the E-Type. But as the years have gone on, there’s at least one Brit who has warmed to it.

The latest episode of Magnus Walker’s Hagerty show is asking whether or not the XJS can become the next big thing. Although it’s surprisingly affordable for a Jaguar grand tourer, it isn’t a cheap E-Type.

Like the XKE, the XJS was designed by the legendary Malcolm Sayer, but it seems it focused more on the luxury of grand touring than the performance. Walker describes it as a bit floaty, but if you go into it knowing that, it can still be a rewarding experience.

As Caroline, an XJS owner tells Walker, the car can be difficult. A Jag mechanic explains that the major problem is the electrics.

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