The Lexus LC500 Is An Overlooked Superstar With One Of The Best Engine Notes


Launched in 2017, the Lexus LC500 has proven to be a very capable grand tourer. So why don’t we pay more attention to it? That’s the question posed by one reviewer who recently set out to remind us what such a great car it is.

The current LC500 made its first appearance at the 2016 North American International Auto show in Detroit, bringing back the LC moniker to the Lexus line-up — the last LC saw service from the early 90s up until 2010.

After production of the the legendary, yet limited, LFA ended, the LC500 took on the role of Lexus’ halo car. Although calling it a mini-LFA may be a bit of a stretch, the LC500 on its own is a true work of art in how it looks and what it feels like to drive. And perhaps it does deserve as much recognition as its more exclusive brother.

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