The McLaren 765LT Is Much Faster Than Advertised


When the McLaren 765LT was announced earlier this year, it was seen by some as just a 720S with extra bits added, and some removed, to save 176 lbs over the source car.

Now, however, it’s been discovered that the original performance figures of the announcement, those of 2.8 0 to 60, 10.5 seconds quarter-mile, all of that, were way off. Way, way off.

In confirmed testing, McLaren has revealed that the 765LT will reach 62 MPH from a dead stop in 2.8 seconds. It will do 0 to 124 MPH in 7 seconds flat.

It will break the quarter-mile beam in 9.9 seconds.

It will break through the 200 MPH barrier to hit 205 MPH.

It is, in all the ways that can be described, an entirely different car than the 720S except in body shape. And even that has been heavily modified with special aero ducts,

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