The most amazing supercars that everyone forgot about


Each new model enters the market in order for the automaker to make good money on it. But not everyone knows that this is preceded by long stages of research and development. Moreover, even after them, there is not always a guarantee that the car will go on sale.

AutoTimesNews has collected the most striking and remarkable concept cars of recent years, which surprised everyone with their appearance and many liked them very much, but did not enter the market for various reasons. Accordingly, they did not bring any benefit to their creators. You probably already forgot about these awesome machines.

Aston Martin Lagonda Concept

In 2009, the British manufacturer decided to enter the luxury crossover segment, where at that time only the Porsche Cayenne existed. At the same time, Aston Martin conceived of reviving the Lagonda luxury brand, which once rivaled Rolls-Royce. The combination of two ideas turned out to be an extravagant SUV, which never went on sale.

Audi Prologue

Audi has always dreamed of a big luxury coupe like the Aston Martin DB9 or Bentley Continental GT. The status of a mass automaker prevented the company from realizing its plans. However, in 2014, the Germans took a chance and showed a huge Audi Prologue coupe, which seemed to be ready for mass production. But that did not happen.

Citroen Metropolis

This car can really surprise you: a huge Citroen sedan of the highest executive class – how do you like that? It appeared in 2010, but has not gone into mass production until now. It’s a pity, because the Mercedes S-class and BMW 7 Series could have an extraordinary rival.

Jaguar C-X75

The British automaker revealed the concept of its newest supercar in 2010. Over the course of three years, as part of the development, they even created 5 prototypes with hybrid power plants with a capacity of about 900 hp. But that was where it stopped.

Lamborghini Estoque

Today it is generally accepted that the modern Lamborghini for everyday use is the Urus crossover. But things could have turned out differently if the Italians dared to put on sale the Estoque luxury sedan, the concept of which appeared in 2008.

Renault DeZir

Renault supercar – the wording is rather strange. But in 2010, such a car still appeared. True, everything turned out conditionally – the power of the electric motor was only 150 hp, and the prototype itself rather represented a strategy for the development of the brand’s design. But it turned out very nicely.

SAAB Phoenix

If you have already forgotten about such a brand as SAAB, we remind you that the revival of the automotive division of the Swedish company actually ended in 2011, along with the stunning Phoenix. That is, the brand died a little later and for other reasons, but it was Phoenix who hinted at future prospects. It still looks fantastic, but it doesn’t matter anymore.

Volvo Concept Universe

Another Swedish highlight is the Volvo Universe. In 2011, the company decided that it was time to expand its presence in the premium segment at the expense of the top executive class. We thought that everything would work out, but the elegant sedan never went on sale.