The new version of the Halo game has a huge SUV


The developers of the new game Halo Infinite have published a video that is a “preview” of the replacement of the famous Warthog SUV in the game. The new oversized SUV will be called the Razorback.

Gamers around the world were deeply saddened by the news that the legacy Halo game servers for the Xbox 360 game console would shut down in late 2021. Despite this unfortunate event, there is much to hope for. Halo Infinite is on its way, and game developers at 343 Industries recently released a “preview” of a replacement for the game’s famous Warthog SUV.

This more powerful vehicle, called the Razorback, is also much larger than its predecessor. While it’s hard to beat the energy and power of the Warthog, the next-generation fast attack vehicle seems to offer bigger tires and more protection for the occupants inside, and yes, it still doesn’t have doors.

We have yet to see footage of the new vehicle in the game, but it will likely retain many of the time-tested features of the iconic Warthog.

Even though the game is set nearly 500 years into the future, the new military SUV still boasts a hydrogen-injected internal combustion engine as well as four-wheel drive and full steering.

There is no doubt that the new Razorback will be difficult to compete with its predecessor. Few cars in video games have any part of the Warthog reputation of Halo, but we’re betting the latest Razorback will be a hit with players.

Infinite was originally slated to release for Xbox Series X / S on November 10, 2020, but has been pushed back to late 2021. With the graphics power of next-gen Xbox consoles, fanatics have a lot to expect from Razorback.

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