The Next Chapter of X4 Space Saga Involves a Terrifying Battleship and a Lavish Yacht


X4: Foundations, the latest entry in the X universe, will be getting its third major expansion next year. Dubbed Tides of Avarice, the next chapter of X4 space saga is scheduled to be released in Q1 2022, developer EGOSOFT announced today.

What makes Tides of Avarice special is the amount of new content it brings, such as new ships from the pirate and scavenger factions, as well as new stories that promise to challenge the perception of social order and justice in the X universe.

In addition to discovering new ships and stations, players may have their plans and actions significantly influenced by the stellar phenomena encountered in new sectors and dangerous regions of the X universe.

Exploring the new Avarice system, as well as Windfall, will allow players to discover new ships from the pirate and scavenger factions added in the new expansion. There are quite a few new ships to be added to X4: Foundations next year, but the most important are the Erlking and the Astrid.

The Erlking is a powerful pirate battleship powered by an experimental and mysterious energy source. The said battleship has been developed by the Riptide Rakers to take advantage of the stellar phenomena in the Avarice system. Once acquired, the Erlking can be upgraded using research and resources players can gather throughout their adventures.

On the other hand, the Astrid is purely a recreational spaceship, a huge, luxurious yacht owned by the CEO of one of the game’s factions, Northriver Company. Apart from being an incredibly lavish vessel, the Astrid is also rumored to be the fastest ship in the galaxy, which makes perfect sense considering it doesn’t have the firepower to defend itself from battleships.

In addition to the new ships, Tides of Avarice expansion introduces a new gameplay mechanic that will allow players to salvage shipwrecks to recycle resources. Wrecks can be towed with one of the new tug ships, or dismantled on the spot using a new deconstruction ship.

No release date has been announced for Tides of Avarice, but we do know it will drop alongside a fairly massive update for X4: Foundations, which will be available for free and promises to expand the base game in several ways. More details about both piece of content are expected to be unveiled in the coming months.